Summer Cruising


Summer is sneaking up on us and is unofficially already here! Clear skies and warm weather are conducive to cruising to some fun tunes. Technology has made it easy for us to share streaming playlists with each other and MINI has made it easy for us play that music in our cars.

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We’re currently using Google Music All Access Pass for the MINI Mixtape because it’s one of the only streaming music services (the other being Spotify Premium) that allows users to share curated playlists with each other. Both Google Music All Access Pass and Spotify Premium are only free for the first 30 days after which you have to pay (both are currently $9.99/month). If you know of any better/freer options, please mention them in the comments below.

MINI Mixtape banner design courtesy of Elwira Wozniak of

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2 thoughts on “MINI Mixtape – Summer Cruising!!!

  1. Have you tried using I often stream music to my F56 thru it, and it’s free (at least to listeners, i’m not sure about uploaders).

  2. I was looking at it, but the selection was pretty abysmal.

    Basically, any service used for the MINI Mix Tape would require the following:

    – Multiple platforms (at least Android and Apple)
    – Lots of songs (over 30 million) with solid/wide selection
    – Allows users to curate and share playlists
    – Affordable (preferably free)

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