So you want to mod your MINI and make it truly yours, but you don’t know where the reputable sellers are? As far as cars go, the MINIs have one of the best and most specialized aftermarkets of any car because of it’s unique style. However, because the market share of the MINI brand is so small (compared to the Focus or the Civic) these specialists are spread across the US/EU/Asia and survive mostly on thier international web presence. This post is meant to serve as an index of local and international mod vendors for people who want to take “youification” to the next level.


MINI Accessories – The Canadian MINI dealers all have access to the full range of MINI and JCW parts and accessories including some of the GP and Challenge kit. Some dealers offer TMC/SOMC members a club discount on parts and accessories (10-15% depending on the dealer, labour NOT included), while others do not. Locations in Ajax, Kitchener, London, Ottawa, St. Catherines, Toronto, and Vaughan.

Budd’s Performance – The only authorized DINAN tuner in Ontario. Currently the only parts for the MINIs is the DINANTRONICS Sport Performance Tuner for B46/B48 and B36/B38 Engines and the Free Flow exhaust. Both are special order only and not quite enough points to get a DINAN badge (8 points, you need 10). Rumour has it that intake, spring sets, downpipes, swaybars, and front camber plates are on the way.

Uni-Body Collision – Local authorized dealer of ECS Tuning. These guys are often far cheaper than having parts shipped from other US vendors as they group shipments up to save on freight costs. The downside, you have to wait for them to order a shipment (usual once per month).

EuroSport Tuning – Another local authorized dealer of ECS Tuning. These guys primarily specialize in BMW and VW, but will order parts for and work on MINIs. Shipping and labour prices are pretty reasonable.

Eruocharged – This is one of the few local tuning shops that can work on any MINI ECU (R53/R5X/F5X). They deal in MINI parts from Akrapovic, Armytrix, Dinan, Bilstein, Brembo, ECS Tuning,  Forge, H&R, Hawk, KW, Miltek, Remus, Stoptech, Supersprint, and many others. Labour rates are good, dyno time is not too expensive, but all parts orders are special order and must be paid in full in advance. Shop is immaculate, staff is friendly, but your MINI will be surrounded by 450-1200 horsepower monsters. This shop is also capable of custom fabrications.

JR Auto Performance – Another great tuning shop that can work on any MINI ECU (R53, R5X, R6X, FXX). I have not confirmed their MINI parts supply beyond that which is available from BMW. They are also capable of custom fabrications.

Pfaff Tuning – Talking to staff over at MINI Vaughan West, apparently these guys will also tune anything. However, their website is not very helpful so you may need to call, email, or request a quote online. I know they are tapped into the BMW/MINI parts supply via Pfaff BMW, but I am not sure what other products they carry.

Johnston Research & Performance – Dealer for many specialist brands that have parts for MINI. AEM, Bilstein, Borla, BorgWarner, Brembo, Forge,  Hawk, Hella, HSD, K&N, KW, Magnaflow, Neuspeed, Remus, Stoptech, TEIN, Wilwood, and others.

Tdot Performance – Dealer in many specialist brands that have parts for MINI. AEM, Bilstein, Borla, Dinan, EBC, Eibach, Flowmaster, Hawk, Hella, Hotchkis, HSD, K&N, Koni, KW, Magnaflow, Megan, PIAA, Stoptech, Thule, and others.

German Parts Canada – Dealer in OEM (and OEM equivalent) parts.


With Hunter Performance pulling out of the BMW/MINI business (as of Jan 1, 2014) I am currently unaware of any Canadian vendors outside of Ontario that specialize in MINI.


ALTA Performance – ALTA offers up their limited selection of parts directly from their website alongside parts from H&R and PIAA. Available online through various vendors, no Canadian vendors that I am aware of as of yet.

Cravenspeed – Mostly lots of parts for short shifters, phone mounts and interior bits these days.

Detroit Tuned – In addition to their own range of parts, DT offers parts from Borla, CravenSpeed, DDM, Forge, Koni, M7, Magnaflow, Megan, Samco, NM Engineering and others. Thanks to their partnership with Outmotoring, they can get pretty much any OEM part (including parts from the GP and Challenge race cars) and many of the factory tools. Furthermore, they can custom order just about anything from anyone if you’re willing to drive down to the shop in Clawson, Michigan and have it installed.

ECS Tuning – Carries a wide range of their own tuning parts, the also offer a huge array of parts from Borla, CravenSpeed, DDM, Forge, Koni, M7, Magnaflow, Megan, Samco, NM Engineering and many others. Ships from Wadsworth, Ohio.

Fubrication – FU sells a good GP style spoiler along with some carbon fiber bits. Online only, shipping from Cupertino, California.

GO Badges – Lots of exterior badge designs and some interior bits as well. Ships from Camillus, New York.

M7 Tuning – M7 Tuning still makes some of their own parts, but have moved to start selling parts from Borla, Eibach, Hotchkis, Spec-D, and Thumper. They were originally located in Southern California, but has since moved shop to Mooresville, North Carolina and are under new ownership.

Madness Motorworks – Formerly MINI Madness, they offer up some of their own parts, re-branded parts and parts from Giken, KW, and Milltek. The selection for R50-53 owners is much broader than for R55+ owners and includes performance cylinder heads, cams, exhaust manifolds and an oil pan that won’t leak. Located in Portland, Oregon, but also ships across the US and Canada.

MINI Mania – Online vendor of parts for both BMW MINIs and classic Minis. They carry OEM parts and their own parts alongside parts from Borla, Brembo, Flexpod, Giken, Helix, M7, NM Engineering, Wilwood, and others. One of the only places you can get uprated superchargers and turbochargers that fit without extensive modifications.

MINI Motoring Graphics – Official vinyl provider for MINI USA. Recently added custom designs.

MINI Rochester – Several members have gotten JCW parts from this dealership at a fraction of what the Ontario dealerships were charging. Located in Rochester, New York. They do ship to Canada, but you’re better off shipping to a US postal depot and picking it up yourself to avoid UPS brokerage fees (~$240 brokerage for an JCW body kit).

Motoring Badges – Badges! Lots of badge designs from Gabe of WWR repute.

Outmotoring.com – Popular online vendor of OEM parts, tuner parts, car care, swag, and even garage organization and toolboxes. They carry parts from AEM, Alta, Cravenspeed, DDM, Forge, NM Engineering, and many others. Online only.

Revolution Motor Works – If you’re into engine tuning then you’ve probably heard of Jan Brueggemann. Jan specializes in making MINIs put out absurd amounts of power (north of 350 whp) and as such the selection of parts he offers is limited to cylinder heads, cams, injectors, pistons, headers, and connecting rods for the R53. For the R56 he only offers custom ECU tuning for the N14 engine.

Todds Mods – Todd from WWR has done some amazing custom vinyl work, his design for the full Union Jack Livery is the best I’ve seen, but the union jack lion is my favourite.

Vinyl Styles – Lyle only wraps things himself with his own custom designs, but you can mail him trim pieces and he’ll mail them back wrapped!

Pelican Parts – Pelican often has the best prices on big ticket OEM parts. These savings often offset the exchange rate, shipping, duty and HST. Many TMC and SOMC members have their parts shipped to a mail depot in Buffalo and declare it at the border to save on international shipping and brokerage.


Orranje – Maker of the G-wing GP-style spoiler and other exterior styling components. They don’t ship to Canada, but they will accept Canadian orders and then ship them to postal depots across the border.

MINI Genuine Parts – The single largest vendor of OEM MINI parts… in the world. You can get euro-spec OEM parts that you’re dealer may not be able to including trim without reflectors, euro DTR lights and fog lights. Ships from the UK, all prices in GBP.

MINI Graphics UK – Official vinyl provider for the EU zone. Some of the coolest designs. Ships from the UK, all prices in GBP.

Other Internationals:

Please help me fill in this section.

Note: If you know of a shop or vendor that’s not on this list that should be, please comment below.


Real OEM –  Use your VIN and drill through images or search based on part names to find BMW part numbers.


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