The TMC website is back up and back in action. The reason the site went dark was because of poor planning on the part of the club operators. Specifically, TMC sticker sales dropped off sharply after the big burst in the first year and the margins from selling those stickers for $10 weren’t enough to cover costs. We’ve got a new batch of stickers that we’ll be selling for $20 along with a grille badge (price to be determined) that are still in the works. Both of these items should be able to support us going forward. We didn’t want to just jack up the price of the current stickers and will still be offering them for $10.

In case you are wondering what the new stickers/badges are going to look like… TADA!!!!



We would also like to extend a warm thank you to Ian Rae over at Motorwerks Magazine for helping us get back in action now, rather than after the stickers were done being designed, printed and sold. Head on over and check them out on the link below.


Lastly some housekeeping stuff. I’ll also be looking at doing a few upgrades to the site over the coming months:

Single Sign On – We don’t want your personal details, we just want to cut down on the ability of spammers to sign up for the site and make it easier for people to sign on via mobile.
Disqus Comments – Along with single sign on, we want to move over to Disqus or other similarly free comment management system. Again, purely to combat spam posts.
Personal Gallery Support
– I am still evaluating this possibility. We would like to make it easier for members to upload and manage thier own content in the blogs and forums.

If there is anything else you would like to see in terms of features, let us know in the comments below.

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